We set out on this enterprise, in the hope that the Methodist example in dealing with the vicious and amoral Hasbarafia would be an inspiration to other Churches and Church people.  We never entirely gave up on  this hope, however irrational it got to be.  However, when the body is discovered, you just have to let go.

The hope that remains, is that if the Methodist example can’t be an inspiration, maybe the Methodist’s fate can be a warning.

So there you are, and there you have it.  The Methodist Conference has been and gone.  It went precisely as we said it was going to go and how the Methodist Council (and its minder, the Board of Deputies) intended.  The upside is that all is laid bare and Palestinian Christians and the Palestinian people know exactly where they stand with this emasculated Church.  That is, their welfare and interests count for nothing, when compared with the politically convenient sensitivities of the Zealots of that extension of the Israeli Embassy, The Board of Deputies of British Jews, and the craven Methodist leadership’s need to get them off their backs and head off the expected retribution if they don’t.

Former President Ruth Gee was completely unfazed and unmoved by the eloquent and compelling pleas of those in Conference that tried to remove or significantly amend the appalling Council resolution.

Just how much of a stitch up by Mrs. Gee et al and the Board/CCJ/FODIP  it was, was starkly illustrated very early on. The Assistant Secretary felt it necessary  to explain to Conference why it was Mrs Gee that was presenting the Council report on BDS.  This was because, he explained, on the occasions that Council discussed the BDS issue in the year leading up to Conference, the Chairperson of Council had been decommissioned and Mrs. Gee had taken the Chair.  Obviously no chances for error were being taken with the need to come up with a resolution that Mrs. Gee’s masters at the Board would approve of, or of the resolution getting derailed at Conference itself.  Mrs Gee’s grasp and understanding of the Board’s requirements is second to none.

The simple, sad, and sorry fact is that Mrs. Gee is, and has been, firmly in the grip of an unholy triumvirate consisting of The Board of Deputies, its extension, The Council of Christians and Jews, and its close affiliate, FODIP.  It will be recalled that the execrable Zionist extremist, Jonathan Arkush announced at a Board plenary, that on the FODIP-led Magical Mystery Tour, they (the Board) had “made significant conversions“.  Yes Jonathan, we saw the fruits yesterday.

It will, of course, be necessary to obtain a similar grip on the current President, Revd. Howcroft, if they haven’t already.  On the evidence of his handling of yesterday’s debate, we feel confident in predicting that this won’t be difficult or take too long.  By breakfast time tomorrow is our best guess.  One delegate had the temerity to propose the inclusion of the word “action“ in the resolution.  Mrs. Gee hates and fears the word “action“ almost as much as she loves the word “complex“ in the use of which, she has been thoroughly schooled by The Board and FODIP.  Her discomfort, bordering on distress, was palpable but this was picked up on by the President, who gently guided Conference away from this heretical notion, much to Mrs. Gee’s relief. ( no turning over of tables in Temple’s for Mrs Gee or the Methodist Council ).

Pro-justice elements at Conference managed to persuade Council to insert the word “justice“ into the latter part of the resolution, a word invariably conspicuous by its absence in the rhetoric of Mrs Gee, et al.

It speaks volumes about what is in Mrs Gee’s heart and mind, that the word had to be foisted on her.

The pro-justice elements also secured the inclusion of other organisations onto the list of those that the Council intend to be engaging in dialogue with.  Mrs. Gee maintained that they have already been engaging with these anyway.  It will be interesting to hear what these additional organisations have to say on the matter.

At the very end a Memorial from Stoke and Chester District, asking for an endorsement of the Kairos Britain statement was considered. Given what had gone before, this was like shooting fish in a barrel for Mrs Gee and her anti-justice allies.  It was swiftly and efficiently killed off by the Board of Deputies/CCJ/FODIP gopher,  Bruce Thompson.  Bruce simply, correctly, and reasonably pointed out that Conference, only a few minutes before, had resisted the inclusion of the  word “action” in the resolution.  It would, therefore, be be ludicrous if it endorsed the Kairos statement, which is essentially a call to action.  Who could argue with that?  Certainly not us.

So, in 2013, the Conference went along with a Council suggestion that it forbid itself theological debate (except, presumably when the specific topic has been pre-approved by the Board of Deputies).  Then, in 2014, Conference went along with the Council suggestion that they shouldn’t discuss Israel/Palestine for three years and they agreed that the notion of “action” was so upsetting to the outgoing President, that they ought not to bother their pretty  little heads with it.

Another speaker said the Methodists just hadn’t had time to understand and digest what was happening in Israel/Palestine.  Are their heads in the sand?

One perplexed member said he had been a Conference attender for a great many years and this was the first time Conference had been encouraged not to talk about something. The absurdity seemed to be entirely lost on the great majority.

The Council and the presidency are turning the Church into a laughing stock.

We have told much of the story of how we got to this awful situation but not all of it.  We will fill in the gaps shortly, when all reports are in.


As per, the Board of Deputies were immediately off the mark with a gloating nauseous press statement, and quickly tweeted it to their co-conspirator, the CCJ, who immediately and dutifully, retweeted it. It is interesting that Arkush agrees with us that the Council resolution was precisely the ” key theme of the Boards response to the Methodist debate over BDS….”

That much is obvious.


Board of Deputies @BoardofDeputies · 15h

Good news today at the Methodist Conference! @MethodistMedia @CCJUK


The Board of Deputies welcomes today’s clear decision by the Methodist Conference to export peace rather than import conflict.

Board Vice President Jonathan Arkush said: “The debate was far more balanced than some we have heard in previous years. A large majority of the Conference saw through the views of a group of one-sided activists who tried to push the Church once down again down a path of partiality, confrontation and the divisive politics of BDS.”

The Board has long urged the Methodist Church to reject BDS and instead support the projects of Israelis and Palestinians working together for dialogue and peace-making. This was a key theme of the Board’s response to the Methodist debate over BDS that was initiated by a decision of the Conference in 2013.

Going forward, the Board of Deputies looks forward to working with the Methodist Church and other interested parties to support peace and a better future for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Who’s going to tell the Palestinians?




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