Harriet’s Methodist Room

Welcome to Harriet’s Methodist room. Here, we tell the story of how the Methodists have been disciplined and steadily brought back into line following their 2010 Conference.  It will make for extremely gruesome reading.

It is essentially the story of the grinding down of the Methodist Church leadership. We tell of how  the Methodist leadership became so transfixed by abject fear of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, that they conceded to them, the right to act as ultimate arbiters of Methodist business, and granted them a veto on theological debate within the Church.  We further note how the 2013 Conference was hijacked, how the  current behaviour of the Methodist leadership is suggestive of they and the Board being engaged on a joint plan to stitch up the 2014 conference, which seems destined to be the setting for the final capitulation.

We  tell of just how unrepresentative the Board actually are of Jews in the UK, particularly the younger ones, and how the Board are in the process of sabotaging the Methodist BDS  survey.

We  outline the absurdities and the inconsistencies with their previously stated positions in the Board’s response to the survey, and discuss the strange case of the recent  joint visit to Israel by the Methodist leadership and “representatives of the Board of Deputies”.  A visit that was shrouded in secrecy until various pressures from the rank and file forced  the Methodist President to reveal all (or most) in a blog post on 31st Dcember 2013, twenty six days after the completion of the trip.

We detail how the Methodist leadership’s apparent assumption that they can serve two masters, is taking them inexorably to a final betrayal of other Churches and Christian organisations, who will badly need support and positive precedents when the Board turn on them, as they certainly will. The leadership is also leading their church in the direction of  a betrayal of those Israelis that genuinely seek a just accommodation, of the many UK  Jews that seek the same, of their fellow Christians in Palestine, and last but not least, of their own faith.

It is easy to have some empathy with the Methodists.  They have taken a ruthless and fearful battering.  It is, however, less easy to have  much sympathy.

All the stress and agony could have been avoided, and to that extent, has been self inflicted. It just had to be acknowledged that all the stuff from the Board about “the hurt, pain and grief of the Jewish community” is a well rehearsed act.  It has nothing to do with the feelings of the Jewish community but rather, is all about a political agenda with respect to The State of Israel, and the Board fulfilling its role as an extension of the Israeli Embassy.

All the Methodists had to do was to say something like…

We are well able to discern our Christian duty and conduct our business but thank you for your interest ”

….and all the stress and angst would have been avoided.

Of course, the Methodist leadership would have missed out on their four day jolly to Israel/Palestine led by the Board selected agency FODIP.  (Sponsored by the extension of the Board, the CCJ ??)

Instead, they allowed themselves to become victims of what Mark Braverman calls The Fatal Embrace.



4 thoughts on “Harriet’s Methodist Room

  1. I find your comments interesting and disturbing. However, nowhere on your site do you say who you are, or who you represent, and that makes it difficult to use your comments in any debate within the Methodist church. Are you able to identify yourselves in any way?

  2. Hi Ian,

    We are not members of any organisation. We represent ourselves, and as far as humanly possible, the truth. Everything that we state as fact is fully verified. When we make assumptions, we say so. We are a small group of people in the UK and the US who came to share a horror of the behaviour of the UK hasbarafia, in particular, the Board of Deputies in their dealings with the Christian churches in the UK.

    We resolved to do whatever we could to empower the churches to resist what we have seen as a stepped up campaign on the part of the Board of Deputies and associated organisations, to negate any positive action that might have a realistic chance of bringing relief and justice to the Palestinian people.

    Their campaign has included bullying, harassment, and lawfare. They are also involved in seeking legislative remedies to preclude any action that might end the occupation and dispossession of the indigenous population in Palestine.

    The ultimate purpose of the BoD’s activity is to keep everyone talking. Talk is fine as long as it’s allied with action. The time for action is now. This information was compiled in the interest of justice and peace .

    Iris Bloom
    Richard Armbach
    Ben Fielding

  3. The problem with all the talk about dialogue is that slaves have never profited much from dialogue with their masters.

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